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  • November 5, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    The Sunday Times - THE first thing one notices about 16-year-old Gul Zam is her eyes, pretty and dark yet as watchful as a hunted animal's. But then the scarf covering her head shifts slightly, exposing a livid red scar on her neck. The hands that play nervously in her lap are ridged with pink burns that reach up her arms, across her chest and down her legs.      Full news...

  • October 31, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    BBC NEWS - An international women's rights group says guarantees given to Afghan women after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 have not translated into real change. Womankind Worldwide says millions of Afghan women and girls continue to face systematic discrimination and violence in their households and communities.      Full news...

  • August 2, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    IRIN:An interesting result of the labour-intensive nature of opium production is its effect on the rural household economy, the division of labour and opportunities for Afghan women. In an otherwise ultra-traditional Islamic society opium offers women some degree of independence, through access to cash and status through their labours.      Full news...

  • May 30, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    IRIN: Seven aid workers lost their lives in Afghanistan on Tuesday in two separate incidents. At least four were killed in the northern Afghan province of Jawzjan when unidentified gunmen ambushed their vehicle, a government spokesman said in the capital Kabul.      Full news...

  • March 21, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF): As Afghanistan's new school year officially begins tomorrow (Wednesday) UNICEF's Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Rima Salah, has warned of a continued threat facing Afghan women and children from high rates of child and maternal mortality, low levels of school enrolment and neglect of children's fundamental rights.      Full news...

  • January 26, 2006 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Gulbar is Burnt by Her Husband in Afghanistan
    RAWA News: According to her mother, she married a man 3 years ago but he was very cruel person and was torturing her on daily bases. Finally Gulbar run away to her mother’s house. The next day her husband came and asked her to return home otherwise he will kill her, she refused to go with him, when he found her alone in the house, throw petrol on her body, set her on fire and he himself escaped.      Full news...

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