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BNN News, November 15, 2023

Taliban Shuts Down Girls’ Education Centers in Herat, Afghanistan

Physically Blocking Entrances and Gealing Gates

BNN Correspondents


On Tuesday, November 14th, Taliban fighters in Herat province, Afghanistan, launched a crackdown on girls’ education, forcibly shutting down several educational centers. The closures were enforced by physically blocking entrances and sealing gates, striking a blow to female education in a country where it has already been severely curtailed.

Warnings and Threats Preceding the Shutdown

Prior to the enforced closures, the Taliban had issued warnings to the officials of these centers. Threats of detention and imprisonment were used as a tool of intimidation should the officials disobey the orders. Specific regulations were outlined, particularly concerning the employment of male teachers instructing female students.

Broader Pattern of Repression

This incident in Herat is part of a broader pattern of Taliban behavior aimed at restricting girls’ education. In Ghazni province, schools were previously closed due to reasons such as male teachers shaving their beards and female teachers not adhering to the hijab dress code. For over two years, the Taliban has enforced a ban on girls attending universities and schools beyond the sixth grade.


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