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Afghan women protesters: Taliban are a disgrace to humanity!

Neither the US, nor the TALIBAN, power to the people!

Women protesters chanting slogans against Taliban in Kabul

On the 15th August, two terrible years have passed when, according to the plans of the US and NATO, the brutal and misogynist creatures named Taliban, were replaced with the "republican" brothers and took the responsibility for the advancement of the United States colonial policies in our homeland; Two years that brought nothing but the collapse of the last manifestations of freedom, humanity and knowledge, poverty and cruelty for the people and especially the women of Afghanistan; Two years when the tears of the schoolgirls flowed and the grief of our bereaved mothers prevailed; Two years when the blade of terror and robbery like the last twenty years under the US "democracy", pointed at the throat of our people, but this time with the method and style of Taliban.

Afghan women protest second year of Taliban in power

In such an atmosphere of repression, disaster and suffocation, the voice of women's protest was raised from the corners of Afghanistan. Among them, a group of progressive and committed women gathered in Kabul and pledged to continue the fight against fundamentalism and religious fascism of the Taliban and Jihadi, and called on the women of the world to stand together against tyranny and exploitation.

Afghan women protests

Here is the translation for some of the slogans they are holding:

Freedom, Democracy, Social Justice!
Women, Life, Freedom!
Down with the Religious Fascism!
Taliban are a disgrace to humanity!
Down with the Jihadi and Taliban fundamentalists!
Taliban are creatures of CIA/ISI
The US imperialism, supporter of misogynist Taliban!
US/NATO are the guardians of the traitor Taliban!
Taliban’s gift: Poverty, Slavery, Ignorance
JIHADI and TALIBAN, two sides of the same coin
Long live the struggle & solidarity of the women of the world!
Glory to the resistance of the women against the cruel Taliban!
Let our fight against fundamentalism clamor!
Fighting is the only remedy!
Neither the US, nor the TALIBAN, power to the people!

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