8am, March 8, 2023

Women are models of freedom and social justice!

I want to live like a woman because we women have the talent of courage and the ability to be diligent and zealous.


Neha Nadiry, Women’s rights activist

Women’s Day is being celebrated on March 8, while Afghan women are in Taliban prisons and are excluded from society every day, and the world is silent. The brave women of Afghanistan are at the forefront of the fight against international terrorism such as the Taliban. The suffering that Afghan women and girls suffer and no women in other lands have ever experienced.

A woman is a mother and a sister. So why does a woman mean nothing in the Afghan society and women are called slaves of men. I studied all my life in my beloved country of Afghanistan. My heart hurts, I feel sorry for myself, I suffer and suffer because they call me nothing. And I have no place.

To whom should I tell this pain that for now I have to live like a pigeon without wings and I am forced to be imprisoned in a cage and not to raise my voice, I want to sing and I should raise my voice and say it with my throat. After all, I am also a human being. I have the right to sing and fly to the heights of life in all matters.

I want to live like a woman because we women have the talent of courage and the ability to be diligent and zealous. There are hidden miracles inside of us that if ignited will light up the world. So, why do they silence the Afghan women and give them no other right than to breathe?

Have you ever wondered where it would be if we lived? where is the world Where is humanity? Where is the generation? So why do they call us nothing?

Have you thought that if we are not there, the whole world will be destroyed if there is no woman. Who is your father? Who is your brother? who is your mother who is your sister Who is your child that you are hoping for and when were you born?

So a woman is the hope of your life, why do you exclude women from society and make them prisoners, we are not your slaves, we are not extreme wild men, all the women of Afghanistan are in the prison of ignorant men and they want to be freed from prison.

I am the one who illuminates the world like moonlight in the dark night I give you hope to be alive in the hardships of life, so why do you call me nothing?

Tears are flowing in my eyes like water, my heart is full of pain and sorrow. My soul is in sorrow and depression, My mind is busy with the pain of grief that all Afghan women have been in prison for years. I have never experienced peace of mind for a moment.

At the end, I have come to the conclusion that no man, No one can remove us Afghan women from the society.

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