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The Bharat Express News, April 14, 2022

Taliban kill and kidnap 500 former military and government personnel for helping the United States

An investigation by the English daily New York Times reveals that the Taliban began to punish as soon as they came to power.

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan last year, they have hunted down government officials aided by the United States. Contrary to their promise, they have been investigating these officials for months and, despite their promise of clemency, have finally punished them.

According to a report, 500 government officers have been killed or disappeared so far. The Taliban, however, call these allegations baseless. According to media reports, the Taliban used numerous tactics to track the whereabouts of Afghan soldiers and government officials who aided the United States.

taliban_killed_militaries Social Media photos of Taliban hangings across Afghanistan. In most cases they stamp their victims as "kidnappers".

New reports claim that to date around 500 of these people have been killed or are being held hostage. All are accused of helping the US military. The ANI news agency cited an investigation by the English daily New York Times that the Taliban began to punish as soon as they came to power.

What does the report say?

According to the report, in just six months, around 500 members of the military, officers and state officials were killed or suddenly disappeared. Information was given on 114 people missing in Kandahar and 86 murdered in the city of Baghlan. This was done despite the Taliban announcing that they would pardon Afghan soldiers, officers and other government officials.

In the Russian state news agency Sputnik, an Afghan military commander revealed many vital things. On condition of anonymity, this military commander said the Taliban had called military personnel, government employees and officials and others to police headquarters to apologize.

The Taliban first interrogated and beat the Afghans who reached the headquarters. Some of them died from merciless beatings, while others were sentenced to death by the Taliban in their own way. The Taliban told these people that they fought against them for many years and killed their comrades. So how could they let them live?

The Taliban had already gathered all information on government employees and military personnel. This includes forensic video examination, local media reports and direct interactions with victims, witnesses and families of victims.

Murder allegations are false, says Taliban

The Taliban said there was no truth to such allegations. Allegations like murder or punishment are baseless. The Taliban spokesperson claims that this fake news only serves to mislead the world. However, since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the situation has worsened. The human rights situation has become alarming. Fearing the Taliban, thousands of Afghans have already fled the country.

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