Etlat- Rooz (Translated by RAWA), December 30, 2021

Poverty and non-payment of salaries, a sick teacher died in Kandahar

the teacher who died of starvation

Sources at Zahirshahi High School, one of the oldest high schools in Kandahar province, confirm that Allah Nazar, the high school teacher, has died. According to these sources, Allah Nazar was ill in recent days and could not see a doctor due to poverty.

One of the sources told the daily Ettela'at that Allah Nazar had served as a teacher at Zahirshahi High School for 40 years and had died of shortness of breath at home yesterday.

The teacher who died of starvation

The source also said that the teacher was facing severe poverty. This teacher was the only head of the family and now his wife is left alone. The source says that the teacher's sons are addicted to drugs, and yesterday (Wednesday, 8 Jedi) his funeral was held in the presence of a small number of people.

However, according to the source, the teachers of Zahirshahi High School have not been paid for four months. He also expressed concern about the living conditions of other teachers at the high school, saying that a number of teachers had left their jobs and others were facing many problems due to poverty.

The correspondent of the daily Al-Itteha Rooz tried to talk to Ms. Allah Nazar in the southern part of the country, but after much effort, he was unable to do so. The head of the Taliban's intelligence and culture in Kandahar also did not respond to repeated questions from a reporter for the daily Al-Itteza-e Rooz.

Poverty is the reason for the death of a teacher from Zahirshahi High School in Kandahar, who was previously reported by the World Food Program as saying that the poverty rate in Afghanistan will increase to 97% by the end of this year.

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