BBC News (Translated by RAWA), November 24, 2021

Marijuana Production Legalized in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the largest producers of marijuna in the world

The Taliban government's interior ministry has announced that Cpharm, based in Australia, is set to invest $450 million in setting up a hashish factory in Afghanistan.

"All cannabis products in Afghanistan will be legally contracted only with this company," said ministry spokesman Saeed Khosti.

Cannabis has been cultivated in Afghanistan for centuries and it is one of the largest producers of the best types of this drug in

At present, in many provinces of Afghanistan, cannabis is grown and produced without any serious obstacles.

In addition to the fact that many people inside Afghanistan are "hashish", the drug is smuggled into Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and some other countries and has been an important source of income for farmers and traffickers.

Saeed Khosti says that by concluding a contract with Cpharm, the hashish produced through this company will be used in the manufacture of medicine and a type of cream.

"All stages of the contract with the company have been completed and the project will officially begin in the coming days," he said.

A spokesman for the Taliban's interior ministry told Cpharm that the project would require 30 acres of land to cultivate cannabis.

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