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Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: US Might ‘Stay In Afghanistan For Another Five Decades’

A retired US military officer, Wilkerson, says super powers in the world and the region will probably enter a war in Afghanistan

By Karim Amini

Colonel Lawrence B. Larry Wilkerson, a retired military officer and head of the Colin L. Powell office, the former US State Secretary has warned over the possible fight between the world and region super-power countries in Afghanistan.

In an interview with The Real News on Thursday, Wilkerson said the United States might stay for over 50 years in Afghanistan, because according to its strategic location, Afghanistan is the only place from where the US can take action against Russia and China.

He said the new US strategy on Afghanistan has designed the presence of US in Afghanistan in a way that the United States army will remain in Afghanistan for an unknown period of time.

The same plane was designed before this for Germany, South Korea and Japan, he said.

“What we have seen right now is a begging of the new great game that it involves China, it involves Russia, it involve the United States and it involves all those people who get in the way in Central Asia. The United States will probably be in Afghanistan, I have said repeatedly, for the next fifty plus years. Because it is the only place geographically speaking in that region from which the United State with high military power can affect China’s …One Belt One Road…,” said Wilkerson.

In reaction Washington’s remarks on India for taking more role in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s National Security Council has conditioned its anti-terror fight and has said its cooperation with the US depends on decrease of India’s role in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s conditions include removing insurgents’ safe havens from Afghanistan, border management, refugees return and rehabilitation of the peace process to resolve Afghanistan’s crisis through political channels.

Pakistan’s National Security Council says that India can never bring peace in South Asia.

In reaction to the remarks by Pakistan’s Security Council, the White House said India has done a lot in Afghanistan and that the continuation of its cooperation is vital.

“We think it is important that there is a regional approach and part of that is developing and strengthening that relationship in partnership with India. They have been making important contributions towards Afghanistan’s democracy and their stability and we think it is important to continue that efforts,” a White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

China however supported Pakistan’s efforts in resolving Afghanistan’s crisis.

“We should value Pakistan’s considerable role in Afghanistan’s issue and should respect its legitimate security concerns,” Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Military analysts meanwhile said as much as more powerful countries of the world and region get engaged in Afghanistan’s war, the situation and the current crisis will get more complicated.

Originally published on Aug. 25, 2017

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