, March 22, 2017

Seven-Year-Old Badakhshan Girl Raped

The child was raped in her home in Faizabad city on Monday but police have not yet arrested the suspect

By Nematullah Ahmadi

Badakhshan rape victim

Badakhshan residents have slammed local police for not having arrested the man who allegedly raped a seven-year-old Faizabad girl earlier this week.

The incident reportedly took place on Monday when the suspect raped the child in her home.

The man allegedly entered the girl’s house while she was home alone and then tied her up and raped her.

“He (the suspect) came to our house and tied my hands and feet, then I don’t remember anything,” the girl said.

Doctors at the Badakhshan central hospital confirmed that medical tests had been carried out on the girl and that she had been raped.

“Two days ago a girl was brought to the hospital and when we saw her she had already lost a lot of blood. We carried out medical tests and found she had been raped,” said Hajera Baharistani, the head of the gynecology unit at the Badakhshan hospital.

Doctors said the victim had undergone surgery but was recovering. They said however, that the trauma had affected her psychologically.

“She is a lot better now compared to two days ago but mentally she is not in a good condition. When we go close to her she screams,” Hajera said.

Badakhshan residents criticized police for not having arrested the suspect yet.

“When we were informed about the girl we started our investigations and we found that one of her relatives was involved and soon we will arrest the suspect,” said Sayed Mahruddin Anwari, Badakhshan’s CID head.

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