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Ziauddin and Inayatullah, martyred by brutal German forces

Enayatullah’s family is demanding justice, saying anyone in this country can commit crimes and kill people under any excuse they wish to, no one asks questions or holds them liable

By Khalil

Ziauddin (right) and Enayatullah were killed brutally by German forces in Mazare Sharif city, northern Afghanistan. Both were innocent workers who were on their way to work when they were killed by continuous shooting. (Photo: Hambastagi.org)

On November 10, 2016, at 11 pm, there was a huge blast in Mazar city. The blast occurred in front of the German consulate in Mazar Hotel. The blast was so powerful that the debris was scattered to over one kilometer from the area of the incident. Homes and trade centers around the consulate at a distance of 500 meters suffered great damage. The glass windows of many houses in the city were broken. Contrary to reports by the spokespersons of the filthy government, the number of dead stood at 20 with more than 200 people injured. The financial loss reached millions of dollars as most of the trade markets and centers of Mazar are located in that area. The government lied as usual and announced that a truck filled with explosives caused the bloody incident, however, the people who lived near the area when the incident happened stated that they saw a blinding flash of light from the east of the city followed by a terrifying sound, which was probably a missile that had hit its target and caused an unusually huge amount of damage. It is surprising that despite such a forceful blast, not a single German was even scratched because the diplomats usually slept in Camp Marmal at night. The next day, the remainder of the Mazar Hotel was destroyed and burned to ground in three back to back blasts.

Early the next morning, two of our laborer compatriots who had left their homes to earn a mouthful of food, became target of the bullets of the German occupiers.

The first victim was Ziauddin, a 21-year-old worker, who worked from morning to evening in the Band-e-Amir Wedding Hall for a decent living. The savage German soldiers brutally shot this energetic, young man in the first light of dawn under the excuse that he was a suicide bomber and had not paid attention to their warnings.

Following this, Enayatullah, son of Agha Mohammad, was killed under a Nazi-style volley of fire by German soldiers on November 11, at 6 am. He was a chef in the Marmarin Hotel and was walking to work that morning when he was shot and murdered from a distance of 500 meters. Enayatullah belonged to a poor family. His mother cried with tears streaming down her face, “Enayatullah was the only breadwinner of this family. His father is very old and cannot work. We don’t have anybody else. He married two years ago and has a son now. How can we survive the hardships and burdens of life without him? He went to the hotel early that morning like every morning without knowing that wild hounds thirsty forhis blood waited for him. He was killed in a horrific way. They had not stopped at one shot. They put tens of bullets into his half dead body and my Enayatullah died helplessly.”

Enayatullah’s family is demanding justice, saying anyone in this country can commit crimes and kill people under any excuse they wish to, no one asks questions or holds them liable. They demanded the prosecution of the killers of their beloved son.

Originally published on Dec. 5, 2016

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