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The US invasion of Afghanistan has further sunk the region in terrorism!

Thus, it is clear that the US did not bring war upon this part of the world to seek vengeance for the 9/11 victims or to protect its citizens; its only purpose was to further its odious imperialist plans

RAWA statement: the US invasion of Afghanistan has further sunk the region in terrorism
The US occupier, the superpower,
Cannot enslave my homeland
Neither by force, nor with riches

Fifteen years ago, the US and its allies bombarded our defenseless and helpless people, and occupied Afghanistan, under the pretext of “war on terror”. The US military intervention was undoubtedly the beginning of a new chapter of pain, suffering, and misery for our nation, as the Jehadi terrorists replaced the Taliban terrorists, and our country plunged into the abyss of fundamentalism, misogyny, corruption, insecurity, poverty, unemployment, drug trade, pillage of national assets, intervention of neighboring countries, and thousands of other catastrophes.

When the US B-52s were raining down on the Taliban brutes, driving them away from Kabul, and the CIA-created Jehadi criminals were installed in their place, RAWA made some predictions, the truth of which can now be clearly seen after a decade and a half. In an appeal to the UN, dated November 31, 2001, we declared, “The retreat of the terrorist Taliban from Kabul is a positive development, but entering of the rapist and looter NA in the city is nothing but a dreadful and shocking news for about 2 million residents of Kabul whose wounds of the years 1992-96 have not healed yet.” A year after the 9/11 attacks, RAWA stated again, “For the people of Afghanistan, it is ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’. Instead of the Taliban terrorists, Jihadi terrorists of the ‘Northern Alliance’ have been installed in power. The Jihadi and the Taliban fundamentalists share a common ideology; their differences are the usual differences between brethren-in-creed.” This is the unforgivable treason of the US against the people of Afghanistan, besides supporting Afghan fundamentalism for forty years.

We believed from the beginning that the rabid misogyny of the Taliban and Jehadi oppressors did not just arise from their inhumane mentality and education, but was also fed by ignorance and religious fundamentalism. We believe that unless this inhumane system does not lose the financial and military backing and support of imperialist powers and reactionary governments of Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, this rabid misogyny will not be uprooted from our country, and a society based on democracy, justice, and equality will not take root in our homeland. We have already witnessed how Afghan women have spent the most horrifying days of their lives under the domination of the US and its puppet government in the past fifteen years. Afghan women have not experienced such high rates of violence, rape, murder, maternal mortality rate, and other forms of oppression, in any other period of history. The brutal murder of Farkhunda in public, the stoning to death of Rukhshana, the burning to death of Zahra, the beheading of Tabasum, the rape of Bashira, Samia, and Shakeela, and tens of other cases, is enough to portray the intensity of violence against women in our land occupied by the US and NATO, and their Taliban and Jehadi hounds.

The US apparently invaded Afghanistan to dismantle the Al Qaeda and other terrorists, and to seek revenge for the blood of 3000 Americans killed in the 9/11 attacks, and later attacked Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and other countries, and killed thousands of innocent people in the bloodshed that followed. The most important point is that contrary to their deceptive claims and slogans, the US invaders not only failed to dismantle and weaken the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but strengthened these groups, and created and funded groups far more bloodthirsty – like ISIS – whose terrorist attack have now even spread to European cities. Thus, it is clear that the US did not bring war upon this part of the world to seek vengeance for the 9/11 victims or to protect its citizens; its only purpose was to further its odious imperialist plans, and in this past decade and a half the war has killed millions of people, and displaced hundreds and millions of others. Today, in an unprecedented standoff between the US and its biggest rivals, Russia and China, the world is walking on a dangerous path. In case of any war between these countries, Afghanistan will be one of the places most susceptible to attacks due to the presence of the US military bases.

Today, it is well-known that the US’s war is, and always has been, against the innocent and defenseless people of Afghanistan, and not the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other terrorists. Recently, while the arch criminals of Gulbuddin’s gang (who have officially taken the responsibility for several bloody suicide attacks) were “honorably and respectfully” welcomed into the circle of criminals in the puppet government, fourteen innocent Afghans were killed and tens other injured in a US drone attack in Achin district of Nangarhar province. The attack was apparently carried out to kill ISIS elements.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) strongly believes that Afghanistan shall not see prosperity till the day the US occupiers are present in our country, and their puppet government of fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist stooges rule over our people. The only path to freedom from the monstrous claws of the occupiers and their corrupt regime, is the unity and consciousness of our people. A free and proud nation can take its fate into its own hands, and cut short the hands of the likes of John Kerry to determine its actions.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
October 7, 2016

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