, August 26, 2015

Baghlan Man Beheads His Wife

"Trina's husband killed her very brutally - no one even kills an animal like this"

By Hamid Shirzai

A man in northern Baghlan province reportedly beheaded his wife after a court failed to grant her a divorce.

The woman, Trina, apparently married her husband nearly a year ago but was so unhappy she filed for a divorce a few months back.

According to Trina's sister: "Trina got married nearly a year back and she was not happy with her marriage and she wanted to break up. She went to the court to divorce but she returned home after a month."

Oranoos Atifi, the head of the Women Affairs Department of Baghlan said that Trina was initially handed over to her family at her request.

"Two months ago the Baghlan court sent Trina to the Women's Affairs Department and after spending a month [deliberating] the court issued a document that if she wanted, she could be handed over to her family. The Women's Affairs handed over her to her brother," Atifi said.

However, no divorce was granted. Instead, tribal elders got involved and ordered the couple to spend a few days together in a room they had built for them.

"Recently the tribal elders held a meeting and to solve the issues between Trina and her husband. They built a room in a house for them which they had to spend a few days. But after a few days my brother received a phone call. [The husband] told him that we should go there as he had killed our sister. When we got there we saw that she was beheaded," said the sister.

Trina's sister has called on government to ensure justice is carried out. "Trina's husband killed her very brutally - no one even kills an animal like this," one of Trina's male relatives said.

Meanwhile, Baghlan police officials said that they have opened a case of murder.

"We have completed our investigations and the police is trying to arrest the murderer of this women. The will and soon they will introduce him to the judicial institutions," Baghlan Police Chief, Gen. Abdul Jabar Purdely said.

The attorney general's department in Baghlan has also urged police to act seriously and arrest Trina's murderer.

However, so far no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

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