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Three Passengers Killed, Two Still Missing in Zabul province

All the abducted passengers were civilians and residents of Ghazni

By Gafoor Saboory

Three of the five passengers in a car who were kidnapped Thursday evening in southern Zabul have been found dead, acting governor of Zabul told TOLOnews on Saturday.

Mohammad Ashraf Nasiri said the bodies were found Saturday morning in Qalat district, provincial capital of Zabul, where the passengers were abducted.

According to Nasiri, five passengers were kidnapped Thursday when they were travelling from Qalat to Ghazni.

All the abducted passengers were civilians and residents of Ghazni, he continued.

"Unfortunately, it was the second abduction in Zabul recently," Nasiri said. "We tried to rescue the hostages but unfortunately, we found out that three of them were dead."

The fate of the other two hostages is still unknown. But Nasiri has given his assurance that everything is being done to secure their release.

"We have asked the tribal elders to help us in securing the release of the remaining two hostages," Nasiri stated.

This comes as the fate of 31 Zabul bus passengers is still unknown.

Thirty-one passengers travelling on Kabul-Kandahar highway were kidnapped on 24 February from Shah Joy district of Zabul.

Despite mediation by Zabul elders and an operation by security forces, there is still no information about the whereabouts of the fate of the hostages.

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