, April 30, 2015

Woman Survives Beheading by Mother-in-Law in Afghan province

"It was nighttime when my mother-in-law came in and tried to behead me, I shouted and she escaped"

By Shakila Ibrahimkhail

Woman survives beheading by in laws in Afghan province
Gul Sima, a young woman who had been married for five months says she was tortured by her in-laws several times, including once when they made her swallow nails. She was admitted to a hospital with a knife wound on her neck which she got when her mother-in-law tried to behead her at night while she was sleeping. (Photo:

A woman in Andar district of Ghazni province has been hospitalized after reportedly surviving an attempted beheading by her husband's family. In connection to the crime, local police have apprehended the woman's husband and launched a full investigation.

The victim, Gul Sima, who could not speak clearly when she spoke with TOLOnews in result of her wounds, had been married just five months. Over those months, however, she said her husband's family tortured her several times, including forcing her to swallow nails.

"It was nighttime when my mother-in-law came in and tried to behead me, I shouted and she escaped," Gul Sima said on Friday.

Her brother, Bahadur, corroborated her story and demanded justice. "Her mother-in-law attacked her with a knife, her husband has been arrested and we want a divorce," Bahadur said.

According to doctors at Kabul's Ibn-e-Sina Hospital, Gul Sima arrived in critical condition and almost didn't make it. "She has been beheaded because of family violence and brought here in a very critical condition," Dr. Abdul Ghafar Sakha said.

Doctors noted that Gul Sima's X-rays confirmed that she had swallowed nails.

In a similar - yet separate - case this week, a man who survived an attempted beheading by his father-in-law is now recovering from his wounds with treatment in the Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital.

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