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The ISIS-style execution of 17 workers in Afghan province by Taliban

The ISIS-style execution of 17 innocent workers is a heart-wrenching and shocking disaster

By Shakir

Farah province on the map of Afghanistan
Farah province on the map of Afghanistan. (Photo:

Farah, a province in western Afghanistan along the Iranian border, is one of the most insecure provinces in the country. Its defenseless inhabitants are victims of the treacherous conspiracies of the warmongers every day. Besides the deadly poverty, instability and insecurity that plagues the people of this isolated province, they have witnessed countless instants of bombings by the occupier forces, mass killings and beheadings, suicide bombings, kidnapping of children, and the shooting of their working children by the mercenary Taliban and non-Taliban forces.

Disaster has struck one after the other and made life a living hell for the people of this area. There is not a day when the people of Farah are not mourning. Farah city is the only relatively secure city. Outside this city, the Taliban monsters wait like hunters for their prey, backed by their masters. Every day a village is shrouded in grief. One day the Taliban kidnap the defenseless workers of the city municipality who are busy disposing off garbage and kill them; another day they behead innocent people in groups; and yet another day women and children are targeted by a roadside mine.

The ISIS-style execution of 17 innocent workers is a heart-wrenching and shocking disaster. On August 30, 2014, at 8 o’clock in the morning, a group of workers from the Robaat village were going to the customs on the border where they worked. In the Pul Poshta area, their car was stopped by the armed men of Mullah Nasir, one of the Taliban criminals. They were all stood in a line and shot dead. Five people among them were seriously injured and are currently fighting for their lives in a hospital. These people were Mohammad Ameen, Naseem, Fazel Ahmad, Mohammad Naeem, and Ahmad. The remaining twelve were all killed:

Wazir s/o Rasheed Woldyat Nazeer

Jan Mohammad s/o Sher Aqa

Gul Ahmad s/o Said Ahmad

Ghulam s/o Hakeem

Naeem s/o Haleem

Said Ahmad s/o Fazel Ahmad

Ghaus s/o Gulzar

Wazir s/o Abdul Rashid

Qiyamuddin s/o Mohammad Younis

Gulbuddin s/o Jabbar

Mohmmad Isa s/o Mullah Omar

Wazir s/o Rashid (same name as the person mentioned above but two different people)

Taliban execute 15 civilians on a highway in Ghor province
July 25, 2014: Taliban executed 15 civilians on a highway in Ghor province. Most of them were laborers and innocent women and children. (Photo: Khaama Press)

One of the injured narrated the incident. He said that the Taliban were in a rush and quickly stood everyone in a line before opening fire. They were agitated and left the scene in one or two minutes. That is how some of them were not killed.

Mullah Nasir is the brother of Mullah Wakeel, and one of the most brutal Taliban. He belongs to the Siyah Jungle village of Bala Buluk district. A while back, Mullah Wakeel’s criminal gang was annihilated by the people of Boomdi. Now this bloodthirsty thug is out to get revenge for his brother’s death, with support from foreign countries. He is targeting the most oppressed strata of people. He has told some people that he wishes to put every man, woman, and even animals of the area through a shredder and cut them into bits and pieces.

Some time back, Mullah Wakeel and his criminal group entered the tents of the nomads of this area in their Taliban-style rage and wrath and against all the Afghani traditions. They walked around insulting the poor people, threatening to kill them, and abused them calling them dishonorable, US lackeys, and spineless. Then they tried to take some elders of the area as hostage.

It was then that the people of the area gathered and took arms. They stopped the cleric and his group. In the confrontation that ensued, two men were martyred, two women were injured, and a great deal of financial loss was caused for all the people of the area. But fortunately several men of the gang were killed and the filthy gang was disbanded. According to eye witnesses, they had been defeated so badly that nobody touched Mullah Wakeel and his men’s dead bodies and they lay on the ground for several days.

Most inhabitants of this area (which stretches to the Iranian border) belong to the Boomdi tribe and are Baloch nationals. They don’t have land, breed livestock and lack the very basic necessities of life, but they do not tolerate their insult and aggression of their area. Bravery and fearlessness are the valuable legacy of their ancestors and run through their blood today. By embarrassing this Taliban aggressor and his thug partners, they showed their resistance and defended their homes, teaching the murderous lackeys of occupiers and the infamous Iranian and Pakistan governments a lesson they will never forget.

One of the residents of the area who has closely followed the situation of Farah, evaluates the insecurity and the consequential incidents this way: the incapacity of the rulers has made the Taliban confident. Like many other insecure provinces Farah watches the death of its residents because a mixture of local, Pakistani, Iranian, and Chechnyan criminals have all gathered around the eight notorious Taliban commanders who were recently released from Bagram prison. They have started a horrendous battle and stream of crimes. Unfortunately what has increased the insecurity and poverty, is the drawn-out fraudulent elections and the cheap bargaining of the two sides which has further victimized our people.

Originally published on Sep. 10, 2014

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