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Khaama Press (Translated by RAWA), August 21, 2014

US soldiers kill two children in Herat

After the killing, the local residents took the children’s dead bodies and protested in front of the provincial office

By Roeen Rahnosh

Two US forces fired and killed two children near their base inside the airport in Herat province.

Noor Mohammad Zarifi, a member of the Provincial Council of Herat, said that these children were killed in the afternoon the day before when they wanted to gather garbage and iron scraps from that area.

Many thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed in international military operations since 2001, with at least 1,800 of the deaths occurring during the five year period from 2009 to 2013.
AI report (ASA 11/006/2014), August 11, 2014

After the killing, the local residents took the children’s dead bodies and protested in front of the provincial office.They demanded that the governor investigate the matter and prosecute the shooters.

Recently, Amnesty International stated in its latest report that foreign forces, and especially US forces, are accused of killing thousands of civilians in Afghanistan.

The Afghan president has also repeatedly stressed on this issue and demanded the foreign forces to stop killing civilians. After the release of the Amnesty International report, Ajmal Faizi, the spokesperson of the president announced that one of the reasons the Bilateral Security Agreement was not signed between Kabul and Washington was the killing of civilians.

Originally published on August 19, 2014

Attiullah shot by US troops
Seven-year-old Attiullah, who was wounded after a bullet entered his back coming out through his chest, sits on his bed at Mirwais hospital October 13, 2009 Kandahar, Afghanistan. According to his grandfather, Attiullah was shot by U.S forces as he was walking in the field near his home in the village of Sangissar, Panjway district watching the family's flock of sheep.

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