PAN, April 10, 2014

Photos, videos show ballots torched, thrown out

He acknowledged widespread rigging had taken place during Saturday’s elections

By Javed Hamim Kakar

Pajhwok Afghan News has obtained some video clips and photos that show many ballot papers have either been torched or thrown out.

One video shows some individuals are stuffing ballot boxes in favour of presidential runners and others throwing ballot papers into a toilet.

Videos showing rigging during elections
Videos showing rigging during elections. (Photo: PAN)

In another video, several people are marking votes in favour of a candidate of their choice despite the dark of night.

A third video, believed to be from Baghlan province, shows dozens of ballot papers are thrown in front of a polling station, where a group of people is gathered criticising the scene.

Yet another video seems to be from southern Afghanistan catches several people, including children, while stuffing ballot boxes.

In the video, two individuals are seen using ballots in favour of presidential and provincial council candidates after marking and stamping the votes.

A day earlier, Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) chief Sattar Sadat told journalists in Kabul more than 3,000 complaints regarding fraud and other irregularities had been registered.

He acknowledged widespread rigging had taken place during Saturday’s elections.

The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FFEFA) in its report says Saturday’s polls were transparent compared to the previous one.

But it noted ballot stuffing, use of female voter cards by men and underage voting were among instances of irregularities occurred on the Election Day.

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