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PAN, January 6, 2014

Woman shot dead in northern province, bringing toll of slain women to 14

Last year, the nose and lips of a woman were cut off by her husband

By Hidayatullah Hamdard

A woman was shot dead in the Asqalan area of Kunduz City, raising the number of slain females to 14 in a year in the northern province, officials said Monday.

Sayed Hussain Sarwari, the police spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News the killer of the 35 years old woman was yet to be identified. But her husband disappeared after the overnight incident.

Police had launched an investigation into the killing, he said, believing the woman had been killed as a result of domestic violence. The victim’s in-laws have been taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs indicated a 50% decrease in cases of violence against women. Last year, the nose and lips of a woman were cut off by her husband.

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