PAN, August 13, 2013

Young girl among 3 women killed

She said so far a dozen women have been killed this year in Kunduz

By Hidayatullah Hamdard & Qutbuddin Kohi

Three women, including a young girl, have been murdered in northern Kunduz, Takhar and northwestern Faryab provinces, officials said on Tuesday.

An 18-year-old girl was mistakenly killed by his brother while cleaning his gun in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz on Wednesday evening, the district chief, Imamuddin Quraishi, said. He said an investigation had been launched to ascertain if it was a deliberate murder.

The provincial women’s affairs director, Nadira Gayah, suspected the girl might have been killed as a result of domestic violence. She said so far a dozen women have been killed this year in Kunduz.

In Frayab, two gunmen broke into a house in Maimana, the provincial capital, on Wednesday night and stabbed to death a woman inside.

The 35-years-old widow had been living with her two children in the second police district of the city, said the district police chief, Col. Nazar Mohammad. He said the incident was being investigated, but no arrests could be made so far.

A daughter of the slain woman said: “Two gunmen entered our house around midnight. One of them tied my mother’s hands and the second started stabbing her with a knife.”

A public health official Dr. Sameer Inayat said the woman had been stabled in the chest.

Elsewhere, police had detained two young men for stabbing to death a 40-year-old woman in northern Takhar province. Police spokesman Col. Abdul Khalil said the woman was attacked by the two youngsters after a verbal clash. She left behind nine children.

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