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Xinhua, July 5, 2013

2 suicide attacks kill 16, wounds 17 in Afghanistan

The victims include police personnel and some labors who had worked inside the compound

At least 16 Afghans were killed and 17 others sustained injuries as two suicide attacks rocked the southern provinces of Kandahar and Uruzgan on Friday, officials asserted.

In the latest deadly suicide bombing which hit Uruzgan's provincial capital Trinkot 370 km south of Kabul, 12 people mostly policemen were killed and five others sustained injuries, spokesman for provincial administration, Abdullah Humat said.

"A man strapped explosive device in his body entered a compound of the Highway police in Trinkot at 12:30 p.m. local time and blew himself up killing 12 people and injuring five others," Humat told Xinhua.

He further noted that the attacker was also killed in his blast.

The victims include police personnel and some labors who had worked inside the compound, he added.

In the previous suicide attack which happened in Taliban former stronghold Kandahar province, three people including the attacker were killed and 12 others sustained injuries.

"A terrorist tied explosive device in his body blew himself up in the Spin Boldak district at around 09:30 a.m. local time, leaving two people dead and injured around 12 others," spokesman for provincial administration Jawed Faisal told Xinhua.

Majority of the victims are civilians, according to the official.

The attacker was also killed in his blast, the official added.

Spin Boldak is a border town linking Kandahar the former stronghold of Taliban to Quetta city of Pakistan, where according to Afghan officials, the Taliban leadership Shura or leadership Council is based.

The attacker, according to local officials, came from Quetta and after entering Afghan soil at the border town blew himself up.

Police chief of Kandahar province Abdul Razeq blamed the enemies of peace, a reference to the Taliban militants for organizing the bloody attack. However, the outfit fighting the government and largely relying on suicide and roadside bombing is yet to make comment.

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