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PAN, April 20, 2013

Taliban cut off hand, foot of two alleged robbers in peaceful Herat province

The Taliban carried out the amputations in public after Friday prayers

By Sharafuddin Stanikzai

A Taliban court ordered cutting off a hand and a foot of two men convicted of robbery and cooperating with a security firm in western Herat province, officials said on Saturday.

The victims were then taken to a hospital in Torghondai area, a border town of Robat Sangi district, a spokesman for western zone hospitals, Dr. Mohammad Rafique Sherzai, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Taliban in Afghanistan
Taliban (Photo: PAN)

"The Taliban detained me about 25 days ago on the charge of cooperating with a security company. Their court ordered cutting my right hand on Friday," one of the two victims, said on condition of anonymity.

The Taliban carried out the amputations in public after Friday prayers, a security official in Robat Sangi district, said, seeking anonymity.

Herat deputy police chief Brig. Gen. Abdul Hameed Hameedi confirmed the incident, saying the verdict was imposed under Shariah law.

Police have launched their investigation into the case, he said, adding no one was allowed to decide on the fate of robbers, except authorised judges.

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