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PAN, March 17, 2013

23 Farah women lose lives to domestic violence

Two weeks ago, a girl poisoned herself to death after being betrothed to a boy against her choice

By Mustafa

Twenty-three women and five men have lost their lives to domestic violence in western Farah province over the past year, an official said on Sunday.

Included in the 154 cases of violence are the killings of 23 women, 64 divorce incidents and three instances of self-immolation, the women’s affairs director said.

Violence against Afghan women on rise
Photo: PAN

Lailuma Siddiqui told Pajhwok Afghan News nine women escaped from their homes because of domestic violence and many others were beaten and forced into marriage against their will.

Illiteracy, lack of awareness and poverty were the main factors behind violence, she said, citing high bride prices as another reason for the lingering tension.

“Girls are engaged in return for $20,000-$24,000 against their choice. Such couples can never lead a happy married life,” remarked Shah Gul Sadeed, an official of women affairs department.

Two weeks ago, a girl poisoned herself to death after being betrothed to a boy against her choice. The incident took place in the 3rd district of Farah City.

Siddiqui said many cases of domestic violence were settled by tribal elders in remote areas, where women had no access to courts and other government institutions.

Zahra, 50, said that she had to sell her 11-year-old daughter Parwana for $ 8,000 to a 32 years old man, who was already married. Subsequently, the man broke her leg, the woman alleged, claiming that Parwana had been stabbed several times.

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