, January 23, 2013

Woman Found Hanged in Jawzjan

Her husband, a prime suspect, fled the house when police arrived

An investigation is underway into the death of a 27-old-year woman found Wednesday morning hanged in her home in northern Jawzjan province, local officials said.

The hanging took place last night in the woman Rahila's home in the Shirik village of Jawzjan's Aqcha district, the spokesman of 303 Pamir Police Zone in north Afghanistan, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, said.

The mother-of-three may not have hanged herself. Her husband, a prime suspect, fled the house when police arrived, he said.

"Her husband has escaped from the home where Rahila has three children," he said.

Of the reason for Rahila's death, Ahmadzai said: "Most of the time when we hear about women self-immolation or being killed by their husbands and other things like this in the north of Afghanistan, it is mostly because of private problems."

No one has been arrested yet in relation to the incident, he added.

It follows the hanging of a woman in Parwan province last week.

Farzana, 22, was found hanging at her home in the Sayed Khil district, but it was not clear if she took her own life or was killed, officials said last week.

Farzana's husband is a policeman and was on duty in Kabul at the time of her death.

The family had two children and was very poor. The house had no food or other necessary living facilities, according to Parwan spokeswoman Roshna Khalid.

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