PAN, June 29, 2012

Suspects in Kunar girl’s beheading case arrested

by Khan Wali Salarzai

Police had arrested three suspects in connection with the beheading of a young girl in the Sawki district of eastern Kunar province, officials said on Friday.

The victim, Shabana, an 11th class student, was brutally murdered by unknown gunmen who entered the house of Malak Qudratullah, the girl’s father, a resident of the Shalwatai area two days ago, the district chief said.

Abdul Marjan said the girl was killed after the gunmen failed to kidnap her. Police had arrested three suspects in connection with the murder.

The prosecuter's office head Mohammad Shoaib said one of the accused, a resident of the same village, had been arrested on Qudratullah’s request.

Quoting the victim’s father, he said the girl had a telephonic conversation with one of the killers before the incident. When police raided the house of the main accused he was hiding in a nearby mosque, he said.

Resident Nazifullah said the parents were not at home when the gunmen entered the house and killed the girl.

Circumstances surrounding the murder remain unclear and residents say the victim’s family has no personal enmity.

Provincial health director Dr. Farooq Sahak said the girl’s head had been completely severed and that doctors sewed up her head with the body before handing the corpse over to her family.

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