Khaama Press, June 24, 2012

Former Afghan lawmaker arrested over rape charges

Afghan Attorney General officials on Sunday announced to detain a former Afghan parliament member Kabir Ranjbar over rape charges.

Deputy Afghan Attorney General Rahmatullah Nazari said Mr. Ranjbar was arrested on Saturday after Afghan police forces found a kidnapped young Afghan girl from his home. The girl was kidnapped from Dehsabz district of capital Kabul around 9 months ago.

This comes as violence against women has dramatically increased across the country recently.

Afghan rights advocates and women affairs council in Afghan parliament expressed concerns regarding violence against women and urged Afghan religious clerics to step up actions to prevent the growing violence.

An Afghan senate member Sediqa Balkhi said at least 5000 cases of violence against women have been recorded since last year across the country.

Deputy Afghan General Rahmatullah Nazari said former Afghan lawmaker Kabir Ranjbar is currently being held by Afghan police and is being questioned.

According to reports the kidnapped girl was continuously being raped for over 9 months by former Afghan lawmaker Kabir Ranjbar while she was kidnapped.

Afghan Attorney General officials also said the kidnapped girl gave birth to a baby around 15 days ago.

Kabir Ranjbar former Afghan parliament member yet to comment regarding the allegations.

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