Killid Group (Translated by RAWA), May 29, 2012

A young woman hung to death by husband

By Mohammad Asif Hussaini

A young woman was hung to death by her husband in Ghazni province according to a report of Radio Killid.

Shukria Wali, head of the Women’s Affairs of Ghazni, confirmed the news and told the radio that Halima, who was 35-years old, was killed the night before in the Tawghi Sang Masha village of Jaghori district. She said the reason for the murder was domestic violence and her husband was in police custody.

Officials of Jaghori have not said anything about this report as yet.

It is said that in the start of the current year in the same district, a girl committed suicide by hanging herself when she failed to get entry in a university in the annual Kankor exams.

From last year till now, nearly ten women have been killed in different ways in the central and other districts of Ghazni.

Originally published on May 20, 2012

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