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NNI, September 7, 2011

Afghans seek trial of war criminals

“War criminals in Afghanistan have the control in the parliament, cabinet and as well as provincial governments”

Kabul— Following a visit to Afghanistan, a delegation of International Peace Activists expressed their supports for the interference of International Criminal Court (ICC) in regards to the current incidents taking place in the country.

The delegation includes experts from the US and Italy, who visited Afghanistan with a slogan “Enough to Violence, War and Terrorism” met with the civil society members, Human Rights Commission and Afghan war victims. The delegation said they have found out that the ICC has expressed tendency towards war crimes in Afghanistan.

Flavio Loti, a senior member of the delegation, said cooperation in investigating the war crimes and reinforcement of civil society organisations of Afghanistan is the main duties of the international community here.

“We not only support the immediate and effective interference of the International Criminal Court and also urge for a profound and fundamental change towards the view of the situation and crisis. We suggest the International Community to hear the views of war victims and we believe, it is the start of work if we want to resolve the issue,” said Flavio Loti Chief of Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers, Weeda Ahmad, told TOLOnews that considering the current political situation in the country, it would be hard to sue war criminals.

“War criminals in Afghanistan have the control in the parliament, cabinet and as well as provincial governments,” she explained.

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