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Rape of a 12-year old child in Afghanistan

She added, “Kill those rapists.”

By Bashir Payman

Armed men raped a 12-year old girl in a village in Takhar province in northeastern Afghanistan. Her family members say six of these men were wearing police uniforms.

The local Women’s Affairs office in Takhar confirmed the incident and the police of the province say they are searching for the criminals.

Sharifa, a 12-year old girl was raped by armed men in Takhar province, Afghanistan
Sharifa, a 12-year old girl was raped by armed men in Takhar province, northeastern Afghanistan. Six of them were in police uniforms. She demanded the rapists be killed. (Photo: BBC Pashto)

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has expressed concern over the rise in rape cases.

The commission told BBC that last year they had recorded 39 cases of rape of girls and women from all over Afghanistan, but the actual numbers are several times more than this because, according to officials in the commission, in most cases families fear the social traditions and do not reveal such happenings.

“Everyone Laughs”

The village where Sharifa (pseudonym) was raped is called Allocha.

This village is in an area called Qulbars, which is ten kilometers from the center of Takhar province and falls along the Takhar-Qunduz Highway.

Ahmad Murid, Sharifa’s uncle, said that armed men attacked their home in the evening and beat them up. He said, “They tied my hands and beat me. Then they took her (Sharifa) by her hand and said the commander will see to you… We took this child to the hospital that very night.”

This incident has had a big impact on Sharifa’s life, who is no more than a child. She said she can’t leave her home. While weeping she said, “I can’t face my mother and father. I can’t leave my home. Everyone laughs at me. I can’t leave home.”

She added, “Kill those rapists.”

People in charge of security said they are after the criminals but haven’t arrested anyone as yet.

But Sharifa’s uncle said the local security forces couldn’t act in time. He said although they informed them about the incident, they reached when the armed men had left.

Muhammad Aslam, Sharifa’s father, who had been in Iran when the incident had happened and had come home after hearing about the incident told BBC they want the men to be arrested and prosecuted.

Sharifa’s father is not the only one making such a demand. The families of rape victims all over Afghanistan demand justice, but this demand has not been fulfilled in most cases due to the weakness of the police and legal and judicial organizations in Afghanistan.

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