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Ahlul Bayt News Agency, September 4, 2010

Talibani Terrorists Brutally Beheaded a Shia Muslim in Ghazni, Afghanistan

Since last couple of weeks, some armed Taliban have been seen in the area during the night

A Shia man named Naurooz has been beheaded by Taliban in Sai Ganj area of Ghazni. He was from Nahoor District of Ghazni, and on the way for business travel to Ghazni city.

This is not the first incident in this year. About a month ago, 10 Hazara Shia from Jaghori district of Ghazni were beheaded by Taliban. They were mostly students on their way to homes for summer vocations from Kabul. Taliban kidnapped them in Muqur area and found student ID cards from them. They were all slaughtered.

There are reports from Nahoor district, a Hazara Shia resident area, of Ghazni that Taliban is gaining influence in the area. Since last couple of weeks, some armed Taliban have been seen in the area during the night. They have now starting collecting tax from vehicles on the way.

Some people say the Oluswal (district chief) of Nahoor has relations with Taliban. Insurgents are offering handsome amount of money to youth in Nahoor to join Taliban. And its attractive for young unemployed persons to join the Taliban. Its feared soon schools for girls will be under threat.

Before some local people had joined Taliban for money secretly. But now since last couple of days, some persons are openly showing arms in public and claiming to be affiliated with Taliban. The number of them is around 100.

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