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PAN (Translated by RAWA), June 10, 2010

Rapists of a Child are Still Free After a Year

The people believe that if there is no corruption in the system and the law is implemented on the weak and powerful, such horrible incidents won’t occur again

The sons of a female member of the Provincial council of Helmand, who raped a child last year, are still free from the hold of the law despite repeated demands and the orders of the authorities.

Not everyone has the ability to watch the extremely shocking video clip of this rape, which has reached Kabul as well.

In this clip Farid and Feroz, the sons of Bibi Laiqa who is a member of the Provincial Council of Helmand, rape the young son of Jalil Ahmad (also named Feroz) who is a resident of the Garshak District.

Rapists in Afghanistan too often get away with their crime, whilst rape victims lack access to justice and experience stigma and shame, according to a report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).
“In some areas, alleged or convicted rapists are, or have links to, powerful commanders, members of illegal armed groups, or criminal gangs, as well as powerful individuals whose influence protects them from arrest and prosecution,” said the report entitled Silence is Violence, launched in Kabul on 8 July.
IRIN, Jul. 8, 2009

The boy screams; begs them to stop for the sake of the Quran but the rapists don’t listen to a word and continue raping him. The child hides his face with his hands but the rapists threaten him to show his face so that it is caught in the video.

There are other people with the rapists as well who are recording the video and one of the rapists says, “Feroz if you cry, I swear to God I will distribute it (the video) to the whole market.”

The boy continues crying and screaming and tries to hide his face so that it is at least not recorded but one of the rapists who is wearing a cap says, “Don’t scream! It won’t finish with crying! Show your face.”

Feroz continues crying and hiding his face and says, “Fear God! Let me go!”

After the 3 minute video clip the rapists take photos of the boy naked. The rapists appear very brave and sure and one of them says, “Let’s call the police chief and tell him and we forced a boy…”

Although the video doesn’t show the date of the incident, Feroz’s father had filed a complaint with the governor and police chief in October 2009. But no attention was paid to his appeals.

According to the documents, a copy of which PAN got, Jalil Ahmad father of the child wrote the petition on October 3, 2009.

In the petition it is clearly written that Feroz and Farid, sons of Mohammad Daud had raped his son; they had been detained but escaped. It has been demanded from the governor (Gulab Mangal) that the father of the rapists is called so that his sons come and get punished.

Both the governor and police chief have signed and authorized legal action against the criminals after full investigation.

The local people of Nahr Saraj had also written a petition to the governor. 28 people had signed it and written that there is evidence and eye-witnesses to prove the incident occurred, the file of the case was with the attorney, and that the rapists had escaped detention. Also written is that the father of the rapists is a powerful man who is in the District Council of Nahr Saraj and his wife is a candidate for the Provincial Council of Helmand (and presently a member).

They had unanimously requested that first Mohammad Daud (father of the rapists) is removed from the District Council, then his wife from the Provincial Council and their sons are punished.

One of the local residents told PAN, “Unfortunately no action has been taken.”

The former police chief showed great sympathy and said that he had arrested the boys but they had escaped. He had then arrested the father but he was released on the oral orders of the governor.

But Daud, the father of the rapists, called the whole thing (witnesses, video clip, petition, signatures of the governor, police chief and people of Helmand) a conspiracy against him where he was asked for money and after he had refused to pay, his son (Feroz) had been arrested.

Daud said that after his sons escaped, he handed them back to the government and if they return home again he will do the same. About the clip in which everything is clearly shown and his own son confesses and talks about the incident, he said it was made in the computer.

But Jalil Ahmad who choked up out of pain and sadness, told PAN on June 10, 2010 that everything had occurred and was true. He said his son was 14 at that time and a Hafiz (a person who learns the Quran by heart) and had kept this incident a secret for two months out of shame and fear.

He himself got to know of the incident after watching the clip which had been sent to the local people by Daud’s sons. He said, “Life if dark for me now! I did everything but no one heard my voice!”

He said he has lost his hope in the government and can’t follow the case out of shame.

Jalil said his son had left home and was in Kandahar.

Although judicial organizations are active in the country, such rape cases occur in different provinces.

The people believe that if there is no corruption in the system and the law is implemented on the weak and powerful, such horrible incidents won’t occur again.

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