PAN (Translated by RAWA), December 28, 2009

An Afghan woman ousted from her home by husband dies of cold

According to local officials three years back in the same district a man had chained his wife for ten days and planned to kill her

By Hadi Ghafari

Workers in the Human Rights Commission of Daikundi Province say that a woman was ousted from her home due to the violence by her husband and died outside on the way.

Hassan Ali Faiz, director of the Human Rights Commission of Daikundi Province told PAN that the incident had occurred on the night of 10th Muharram (Dec. 28) in the Ishtarli District.

Afghan women are among the worst off in the world, violence against them is “endemic” and Afghanistan’s government fails to protect them from crimes such as rape and murder, a rights group said on Monday.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report the situation for women in Afghanistan is “dismal in every area”. “Women will not seek help because of their fears of police abuse and corruption, or their fears of retaliation by perpetrators of violence,” said the 96-page report, which is based on 120 interviews from different Afghan provinces.
Reuters, Dec. 8, 2009

He added that after a quarrel, the husband had ousted his wife with his two children and the woman was forced to go from her village to her father’s. Faiz said that two nights back the woman took shelter in a mountain but died due to the bitter cold and lots of snow.

According to him, the 9-year old son had become dumb due to the metal pressure on him and the 6-year old son’s health was bad.

The mentioned didn’t give the name of the husband and wife and said they will investigate the cases closely and demanded the authorities arrest and punish the husband.

Sultan Ali Arzgani, governor of Daikundi, said that he has got the report of the woman’s death and ordered the police of Ishtarli to arrest the man as he seems to be the murderer of his wife.

According to local officials three years, in the same district, back a man had chained his wife for ten days and planned to kill her.

Also in the past winters, a 9-year old girl was married by her family in the Neeli City (centre of Daikundi) but she was rescued from the 35-year old man on the wedding night.

Although the local officials of Daikundi said nothing about the statistics of violence against women, Hawa Rizai, head of Women’s Affairs in Daikundi said the past winters that violence against women has decreased by 50% as compared to previous years which showed the betterment of the condition of women.

According to her, the cases recorded in 2007 were 100 and that in 2008 were 60.

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