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Dr. Sima Samar accused of corruption and receiving bribes from warlords

Kabuli: "Samar had taken USD250,000 to 300,000 in bribe from leaders and commanders for removing their names from the list of war criminals."

Frozan Rahmani

KABUL: The National Participation Front (NPF) chairman has accused the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) head of corruption and demanded her immediate removal.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Najibullah Kabuli, also a member of the Wolesi Jirga [Afghan Parliament], accused Sima Samar of involvement in corruption, saying the revelation was part of the NPF campaign to expose corrupt officials.

Kabuli alleged Samar received bribes from warlords, removed their names from the list of war criminals and converted AIHRC into a safe haven for outlaws and human rights violators, besides embezzling international funds.

The Police Chief of Kabul accused the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) of supporting criminals.... He said to the parliament, “One of the main problems of the police is that police arrests the dangerous criminals but then the Human Rights Commission support them.”
PAN, October 15, 2008

He said that she had appointed her brother Ahmad Ali as AIHCR finance secretary who was equally involved in stealing the funds.

"I have evidence of Sima Samar and her brother's involvement in graft," Kabuli claimed, adding the proofs showed Samar had taken $250,000 to $300,000 in bribe from leaders and commanders for removing their names from the list of war criminals.

However, a spokesman for the AIHRC rejected the allegations as unfounded and politically motivated. Nader Naderi told a separate press conference Samar's brother Ahmad Ali had nothing to do with financial affairs of the commission.

Naderi said the government had no political interest in the crimes committed in the past, adding some people wanted to jeopardise the Transitional Justice Programme by using their influence and Kabuli was one of those who opposed the plan in Parliament.

"We are fully sure about the accuracy of our activities and whatever is said by Kabuli amounts to mere accusations. We offer ourselves for accountability by judicial organs."

Naderi said leveling baseless accusation was a crime and legal action would be taken against Kabuli.

Kabuli insisted on public support to expose and trial the criminals.

"If there is support of Afghan people, we can even bring the vice presidents to justice," said the parliamentarian.

He said they were working on evidences and documents of more than 100 people suspected of involvement in corruption and crimes.

The National Participation Front was established six months ago and according Kabuli it has the backing of over 60 political parties and over 150 social and civil society organizations.

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