PAN (translated by RAWA), October 1, 2009

Five years old girl was murdered in Saripul province of Afghanistan

Fazila has been choked and the finger prints can be seen in her throat

Shabrghan: A man was arrested in Saripul province (northern Afghanistan) charged for killing a small girl.

Five years old Fazila was killed in Sayad villige of Gosfande district in Saripul province yesterday morning.

Fazila has been kidnapped and taken to a room by 40 years old Alem, one of the residents of the area, Ghulam Haider the security chief of Saripul told Pajhwok Afghan News.

According to investigation, his aim was to rape the girl and when she had resisted and when he was not successful to rape, killed her.

Muhammad Alem has accepted the murder, the security chief added.

Fazila’s mother says: “Yesterday morning my daughter told me that uncle Alem will give her grapes ... I sent her to his garden but she was late, so I also went to the garden and saw Alem was closing his room and was looking nervous.”

She asked him about her daughter, but without answering he mounted his donkey, she pulled his collar and started shouting, the neighbors came to the garden and when they opened his room they found the dead body of Fazila.

“Although she was small but she didn't let him rape her she preferred to die instead of being dishonored”, Fazilas mother said weeping.

After arresting Muhammad Alem he was delivered to the police and dead body was taken to Saripul hospital for postmortem, Hamidullah, one of the residents of Sayad village says.

Fazila has been choked and the finger prints can be seen in her throat, doctor Aminullah 'Alteen' the chief of public health said.

According to medical examination the girl is not raped, He added.

Aziza 'Jalis' the director of Women Affairs said that Fazila belonged to a poor family and she has been killed mercilessly. She said they have helped the killed family with 5000 Afghanis (US$100), some food products and the expenses of the child's funeral.

According to her, six incidents of rape have been registered in the department of women affairs during the current year, but there are many other such cases which are settled by people in their villages and never reported, but she didn’t mention the exact number of such incidents.

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