PAN, March 14, 2009

US forces kill five civilians in Logar: officials

The four sons of Rashid, who were killed by the foreign forces, left behind their children in despair and poverty, relatives said.

Shahpur Arab

PUL-I-ALAM: Officials in central Logar province say five members of the same family were killed in a raid by the US-led coalition forces last night.

Angry with reported innocent killing of five persons of a family by theUS forces in a raid in central Logar province last night, protestors besieged the building of Charkh district headquarters on Saturday.More than three hundreds protesting people, chanting anti-American slogans, called for an immediate trial of the killers.
PAN, March 14, 2009

Spokesman for the provincial governor, Din Mohammad Darvish, told Pajhwok Afghan News Saturday that the US forces raided the house of one Abdul Rashid last night, killing him and his four sons in Naw Khar village of the Charkh district.

However, a statement issued by the coalition here Saturday said that the combined Afghan and coalition forces conducted operations against militants associated with IED facilitation in Charkh district, approximately 80 km southwest of Kabul.

Citing credible information, the statement said that militants were staying at a compound in the area; the combined force moved to the targeted location and called out for non-combatants to exit the premises.

"A firefight began when armed militants engaged the force. Five enemy combatants were killed in the firefight," it claimed.

A search of the compound revealed multiple weapons and grenades, which were destroyed to prevent their use against the Afghan people and Coalition Forces, the statement added.

While, the spokesman for Logar governor Din Mohammad Darvish said the coalition forces landed from their choppers into the house of a resident Abdul Rashid and killed him along with his four sons while they were asleep.

He said an investigative team had been sent to the area to probe into the incident.

Provincial culture and information director and the uncle of Abdul Rashid, Zahir Sidiqi told this news agency that the American Special Forces killed his kin, saying they were innocent and poor people.

He alleged that the said forces severely beaten up and tortured the family members of Abdul Rashid including his wife and brother.

Sidiqi further said that the injured family members have been taken to Sarkh hospital and their condition is stated to be in danger.

The four sons of Rashid, who were killed by the foreign forces, left behind their children in despair and poverty, relatives said.

Sidiqi said that the area people had vowed to launch a protest movement against the foreign forces for killing innocent people.

Sarkh district chief Ghulam Farooq also confirmed the incident and said those killed in the raid were civilians.

He also said that the people were angry with the attack and were planning to stage protest demonstrations.

Popal, a local, said that the people of nearby villages were gathering at the house of Abdul Rashid to mourn the deaths of the family.

Two days back, the coalition forces raided a house in Bati Kot district of eastern Nangarhar province, arresting five people including a school headmaster.

The recent operations come despite the pledges of Afghan defense ministry and ISAF commander to give Afghan National Security Forces more representation in searching homes and arresting Afghans, particularly during night time raids.

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