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Quqnoos, February 28, 2009

Unemployment Has Forced Young People to Join the Insurgents

Lack of job opportunities is a big problem in Kandahar, says the governor

Residents of Kandahar province say that lack of job opportunities is the main reason that some youths in the province join the Taliban.

Poverty in Afghanistan
Around 20 million people (out of estimated 26 million population) of Afghanistan are living under the line of poverty.
According to official figures, over 42% of Afghan population live in extreme poverty.

Although unemployment has turned into a big problem all over the country, youths in Kandahar province believe that the government can overcome the problem by creating job opportunities for the people.

Meanwhile the governor of Kandahar called the lack of job opportunities in the province a big problem, and approved the report about the joining of some youths with the government opposition forces.

Kandahar MPs also said that if job opportunities are created for the youths in the province, the government opposition forces and the drug-smugglers will not be able to misuse these youths.

Head of the Kandahar Textiles Mill, which is not functioning now, had also said a while ago that the mill’s workers, who had got unemployed, had joined the government’s opposition forces.

Kandahar Textiles Mill which had more than 2000 workers once has 30 workers now, who are responsible for guarding the factory’s building and its machineries.

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