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PAN, January 13, 2009

Two Afghan women are murdered by their husbands in Takhar and Zabul

"women in the region were being beaten, forced to marry and not provided proper treatment but also subjected to death"

Abdul Matin Sarfaraz

Takhar police have arrested the husband of a young lady, along with three others, for murdering her in northern Takhar province.

Brigadier general Ziauddin Mahmoodi Takhar police chief told pajhwok Afghan News that 18 years old victim was killed three days back by her husband with the help of three other people in Post Khor area of Taloqan city.

He added that Anwars uncle and two other relatives took part in this heinous act and stated that Anwar first stabbed her in abdomen and then strangled her to perish.

Mahmoodi said that the killing was the result of domestic violence and the husband used to threaten her of death many times.

Recent statistics show that about 25% of women in the country are subjected to sexual violence.
According to Younis Payan, the statistics show that about 30.7% women suffer physical violence and another 30% suffer from psychological violence.
PAN (Translated by RAWA), Dec. 25, 2008

"I have sufficient evidence to prove that Anwar is the real culprit", he claimed adding that investigation was still underway and the case has been submitted to attorney office.

He also said that the couple had married two years back and the victim was the student of 8th grade.Mohammad Ibrahim Fayaz spokesman of education department of the province said that she was a student of 8th grade of Post Khor intermediate girl school last year, but didnt enroll this year for unknown reasons.

It was so disconsolate of hearing her death, he said.Sufi Mohammad a neighbor of the victim said the couple used to quarrel, Anwar often used to beat her and we could hear her crying and shouting.

He said that the very next morning of the night she died; he got information of her homicide but didnt know who exactly committed the crime.

Mohammad Zahir Zafari director of human rights commission in northeastern zone strongly condemned the heinous act and added that not only the women in the region were being beaten, forced to marry and not provided proper treatment but also subjected to death, and called upon the government and people to bring the perpetrators to book.

PAN also reported that the first female employee of Independent Election Commission IEC was killed by her husband due to domestic violence late Monday night in the southern Zabul province, an official said Tuesday.

Col. Ghulam Gilani deputy police chief at provincial police headquarters told Pajhwok Afghan News husband of Zakia the female employee of IEC has made good his escape after murdering his wife late Monday night.


The IEC has received reports of Zakia's killing, he said; however he did not give further information how the female employee of IEC was killed.

Zafari worried over the growing rate of violence against women and said that they had reported number of cases of women rights violation including the killing of a young girl Fatima in Takhar which is deplorable and the wrongdoers should be awarded harsh punishment.

Fatima who was 8, in the second month of current solar year was going to her fields in Srai Sang area of Taloqan city was raped by 21years old Askar Mohammad, later he asphyxiated her on her own shawl and dumped her, Askar Mohammad was proved guilty and sentenced to death.

In another development a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and her son were attacked by armed robbers and eventually lost their lives in Dashti Qala district of Takhar province.

Three men had later been captured with a machine gun, police informed and added that domestic violence and money was the motive behind the incident.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AICHR) condemned women rights violation in the country and suggested severe punishment for perpetrators.

According to the report of the commission 2000 cases of crimes committed against women in all over Afghanistan have been registered during the current solar year which includes 77 rape cases. As the statistic of previous solar year was 1800 registered cases while in 1385 solar year the number were just 1650 cases.

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