RAWA News, October 28, 2008

RAWA Stages Protest Against Islamabad Peace Jirga

Down With any Kind of Fundamentalism and Terrorism!

To condemn the presence of Afghan criminals in the Mini-Peace Jirga in Islamabad, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) held a sit-in protest on October 28, 2008. The protest of initially planed to be held in Islamabad, but due to restrictions imposed on any gatherings there, the participants staged it in the nearby Rawalpindi city.

RAWA members holding solgans
RAWA school girls holding slogans and photo to condemn the participation of the criminal Abdullah in the Peace Jirga

Tens of RAWA members gathered opposite the Jang Building in Rawalpindi holding slogans against the peace Jirga. The Afghan delegation consisted of many criminals from Afghanistan who have joined the mission of negotiating with the brutal Taliban of both countries.

RAWA denounced the participation of corrupt people and criminals like Abdullah (head of the delegation), Kabir Ranjbar, Arif Noorzai and Farooq Wardak. RAWA emphasized that such murderers and traitors can’t solve the problem of terrorism in both the countries and in no way can represent the Afghan people. The hands of above-mentioned people are stained with the blood of our innocent people.

RAWA strongly believes that the accomplishment of peace in both countries is only possible in the abolishment of the very seed of fundamentalism in both countries. Any efforts to compromise with the terrorists will lead to their empowerment and more acts of terror.

The participants carried photos of Dr. Abdullah and other corrupt members of the Afghan delegation inscribed as “wanted”. They were also carrying banners such as:

Neither Taliban nor Jehadi Killers and Karzai’s Puppet Regime!
Dr. Abdullah is a Murderer and Traitor!
Down With any Kind of Fundamentalism and Terrorism!
Long Live Solidarity of Peace-Loving and Democratic-Minded People of Afghanistan and Pakistan!
Long Live Democracy, Secularism and Justice!

Report on The News International, Oct.29, 2008



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