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Women in Afghanistan: Deprived of basic necessities

Afghanistan has the highest rate of violence against women in the world. According to the ministry of Women’s Affairs, Afghan women lack their primary necessities and are subject to extreme violence. Girls are usually married before their legal age..

AFGHANISTAN HAS the highest rate of ‘violence against women’ cases in the world such that during the last six months more than 2000 cases of violence have been registered throughout the country. It is said that most cases of violence against women are not reported due to the traditional and cultural complexities in Afghanistan; these cases include physical torture, murder, marital exchange and acts of suicide under extreme psychological pressure.

Death during childbirth is a scourge in Afghanistan. On average, a woman dies there every 27 minutes from complications during pregnancy, according to the nongovernmental group Save The Children. It is a chilling statistic that contributes to making Afghanistan one of the most difficult places in the world to be a mother.
RFE/RL, May 9, 2008

According to the ministry of Women’s Affairs, more than 57 per cent of Afghan girls are married before their legal age.

It is estimated that 99 per cent of cases of family violence remain unreported that adds to the complication of the matter.

According to a recent report by an International Organisation of Women’s rights, Afghan women lack their primary necessities and are subject to extreme violence. The report adds that although seven years have passed since the Taliban regime’s collapse, women are still unsafe in the country. Based on the report, ratio of suicides committed by Afghan women is higher than that of men. The government has also been criticised for not being able to implement pro-women laws, which have diversely affected the social and political presence of women in Afghanistan.

Recently, a shocking news about a men cutting off his wife’s nose and ears was reported. The victim said her husband wanted to remarry and therefore committed the criminal act; in contrast, the husband accused his wife of adultery, a claim denied by the police and women’s affairs.

Ministry of Women’s Affairs said that in coordination with other governmental organisations and the international community, it is trying to help better the situation of women in Afghanistan, a claim whose accuracy is to be judged by the passage of time.

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