PAN (Translated by RAWA), June 7, 2008

More than Six Million Children in Afghanistan Face Problems

More than 12 million of the Afghanistan's population consists of children of whom 50% have no access to these services.

Zarghoona Salehi

More than six million children in the country face problems such as smuggling, abduction, performing tough jobs and get no education.

This was said by Wasil Noor Momand, deputy minister of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD); on June 1st in a function of Children’s Day in Al-Fath Nursery in Kabul.

He said that all governmental organizations should pay serious attention to administer justice for children, make education available, make health services accessible, make better their financial conditions and prevent the smuggling of children.

Afghan children in brick-making factories
IRIN News, January 16, 2007: A survey released by the AIHRC revealed that 60 percent of families surveyed stated that almost half their children were involved in some kind of labour.

According to his information, more than 12 million of the population of the country consists of children of whom 50% have no access to these services.

He said that the population of Afghanistan is estimated to be 26 million.

He also said that the Ministry has made a strategic plan for the protection of the children and the strategy plan for preventing the smuggling of children is being worked on.

Also, he said that in 29 provinces of the country commissions for the defense of children’s rights have been made and they have handled 500 cases until now.


In the end he said that in the future the Ministry would pay more attention for the welfare of the children.

Fahima Hadi, the head of the nurseries, expressed worry in the function about the bad conditions of the children, especially in rural areas.

She said, “Celebrating this day is not just for the remembrance of this day but action has to be taken in giving children their rights.”

Fahima Hadi demanded the government and international community to pay attention to the betterment of the condition of the lives of the children in the country.

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