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PAN (Translated by RAWA), June 4, 2008

A Newly-Wed Bride Slaughtered

"The number of cases of violence against women is more than that recorded and many are not even reported in the commission."

Shir Mohammad Jahish

A husband in Baghlan province, who had been married only for three nights, slaughtered his wife.

This incident took place last night in Kaparak area of Pul-e-khumri, the center of Baghlan province.

In hospital

Abused by husband
22-y old Fatima who has been abused and injured by her cruel husband in Herat - Western Afghanistan.

Officer Abdul Hameed, the commander of the Security Police of the First District of Pulkhumri said that last midnight, Khwaja Farooq had cut his wife’s throat with a pair of scissors and when the police had arrived few hours later and surrounded his home, he had escaped.

He told PAN that the reason for the killing was not clear yet.He said the deceased was 20 years old and that the mother and brother of the 30-year old Khwaja Farooq were in the police custody to help them make the matter clear.

Dr. Mohammad Yousaf Fayiz, head of the Hospital of Pulkhumri City, said that the body of the newly-wed bride had been brought to the hospital. After postmortem the doctors said that the girl had been killed with scissors and when she had resisted a finger of her right hand had also been cut.

The people in custody refused to talk out of rage but the neighbors said that they were witness of the marriage of the couple just three days back.

23-year old Shafiqullah, one of the neighbors said, “We went to the wedding. Before this there was no trouble between the husband and wife.”

He said that the couple had been relatives and her killing had shocked the people.

In the last month, this is the fourteenth case of murder in the Baghlan province.

About a month back, in Pulkhumri, a man caught his wife with another man at midnight in a room, and shot both of them dead. He then handed himself to the police.

The toes of a woman had also been cut cruelly and savagely by her husband, the past winter in Herat province.

22-year old Fatima of the Anjil district claimed that her husband beat her, poured hot water on her and cut her toes.

Human Rights Authorities strongly condemned such killings and cutting of fingers and toes and called them violation of human rights, especially women’s rights.Dr. Suraya Rahim Sabharang, the person responsible for defending and spreading women’s rights in the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, said that more than 1800 cases in 2007 and 1250 in 2006, of violence against women had been recorded in this commission.

She evaluated propaganda for lessening violence against women and creating awareness about women’s rights, as a positive step. She added that the number of cases of violence against women is more than that recorded and many are not even reported in the commission.

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