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Tolo TV (Translated by RAWA), May 25, 2008

Drought and Hunger Kill Nine People in Northern Afghanistan

In this summer, drought and hunger; people in the North don’t even have access to food once a day.

Drought in Northern Afghanistan killed nine people in Samangan province. According to reports no welfare organizations inside or outside Afghanistan have helped these people as yet. Meanwhile, the local authorities have asked aid organizations and the authorities in the capital to pay serious attention to the families in this province or Northern Afghanistan will face huge disasters.


When the heavy snowfall took its toll on the people in the past winter, less people could imagine that in spring dangers other than drought could threat these people or that drought, poverty and hunger could take the lives of these people.

A woman said, “Some people have died of hunger.”

Some people around also complained greatly of the indifference of the government and other organizations towards their terrible plight.

Abdullah Zafari, head of the provincial council of Samangan said, “If assistance is not given to these people as soon as possible, God forbid this will enlarge into a huge human catastrophe in which hundreds and thousands of people will die.”

The governor of Samangan, Qazi Inayat said, “We fear that if things continue to be like this and aid is not given soon enough, the number of causalities will rise.”

In this summer, drought and hunger; people in the North don’t even have access to food once a day. Many people beg on the roadsides for food, but till now no welfare organization or authorities have helped these people.

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