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Ariana Television Network, March 30, 2008

8-year Old Girl Raped in Takhar Province

Mohammad Zahir Zafari said: "Many such crimes have been committed but no action has been taken by the responsible bodies against the criminals."

Qasim Nasrullahi (Translated by RAWA)

An 8-year old girl was raped in the Takhar province. General Ziauddin Mahmoodi, the commander of the police of Takhar said that the man involved has been arrested and is in the custody of the police now. Dr. Ashrafuddin Aini, head of the Civil Hospital of Takhar said that the 8-year old is admitted in this hospital and is under treatment.

The girl’s mother said that while busy with the chores of the house her daughter was raped by a 25-year old man who was their neighbor. “Her hands and feet were tied and her mouth was covered. I want the immediate persecution of this man,” she claimed.

General Ziauddin Mahmoodi is in prison now. The judicial bodies have not said anything regarding this matter. Mohammad Zahir Zafari the head of Human Rights in North-east while condemning this act called for the immediate persecution of the man. He said that such things have happened in the province before but the convicts have not been punished and not much attention has been paid to the matter by the bodies responsible.

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