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RAWA, December 13, 2007

Most Wanted Afghan Criminal Runs Religious School in Australia

Such schools promote extremism and are called "terrorist making factories" in Afghanistan

Last year we were shocked to find out that the Najibullah Lafraie (Foreign Minister in the bloody years of fundamentalists’ rule from 1992-96 and an important member of the fundamentalist terrorist group called Jamiat-e Islami, led by Burhanuddin Rabbani) was lecturer in Otago University in New Zeland and Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi (Deputy Foreign Secretary and spokesperson of the Taliban) is studying in the Yale University in the US.

But now through Australian media were informed that Sayad Anwar Shah and Sayed Zubair, both cousins of the well-known Afghan criminal Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf (fundamentalist leader of Itehad-e-Islami Party and currently member of the Afghan parliament), were running a religious school in Australia. But according to a recent news item in Australian papers, the director has been charged with fraud over the alleged theft of $355,934 from the college's federal funding.

It clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Western government. In one hand they trumpet about "war on terror" and invaded Afghanistan to fight the terrorists, but in another hand such dangerous terrorists are allowed to live in their soil and run their religious schools to promote Islamic fundamentalism among Muslim children in Australia and they are even provided funding. Such schools are called "terrorist making factories" in Afghanistan.

The US and allies have a double standard in their so-called "war on terror". If they are sincere and honest in their opposition to fundamentalist terrorism, then why they have granted asylum to all those "Parchami and Khalqi" (members of puppet parties of the former USSR) criminals as well as the criminal ideologues of the Taliban and "Northern Alliance"?

Right now tens of such criminals are living in the United States, Canada and many European countries enjoying privileges. But the refugees, who are the victims of these criminals, confront numerous problems and even deported.

The Australian, December 10, 2007

School closed as director charged

"This is a matter which is of extreme seriousness, whereby Mr Sayed obtained public money from the commonwealth by deceit," Sergeant McCormick said.

Elizabeth Gosch |

A PERTH Muslim school has been shut down for focusing too heavily on religious instruction, as its director was charged with fraud over the alleged theft of $355,934 from the college's federal funding.

State Education Minister Mark McGowan yesterday closed Muslim Ladies College in Kenwick after a departmental investigation found the school was employing unregistered teachers and failing to comply with the West Australian curriculum.

Sayyaf and Massoud
Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, a current U.S. ally, was among the mujahedeen leaders in power in Afghanistan- the ones who welcomed Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan in 1996 from Sudan, where he had been forced to leave under U.S. pressure. Sayyaf, whose men carried out brutal atrocities during the mujahedeen's rule, was a close ally of Ahmed Shah Massoud, on the rights in this photograph, whose men also carried out brutal acts.
From “I is for Infidel" by Kathy Gannon

With only five days to go until the end of term, Mr McGowan said departmental staff were working with parents to place their children in new schools from next year.

A separate police investigation has resulted in the arrest of the kindergarten to Year 12 school's acting director, Zubair Sayed.

Mr Sayed, who has been filling in as director of the school in Perth's southeastern suburbs since his brother Anwar went to Afghanistan earlier this year, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday charged with fraud.

Police prosecutor Scott McCormick told the court Mr Sayed wrote a Commonwealth Bank cheque for $355,934, drawing on federal government funding for the college.

It is also alleged the school had been overclaiming for both state and federal government funding.

"This is a matter which is of extreme seriousness, whereby Mr Sayed obtained public money from the commonwealth by deceit," Sergeant McCormick said.

He told the court that detectives had discovered the money had been sent to Pakistan.

Mr Sayed was granted bail to reappear on January 2.

The Australian Federal Police said yesterday they were aware of the investigation but that at this stage it remained a state investigation.

Yesterday, Mr McGowan said the school, which had been inspected by the Education Department at least eight times this year, was not teaching students the subjects required under the curriculum.

"The school was not meeting the curriculum framework, with some of the students there undertaking religious instruction on a daily basis for 43 per cent of their time at school," he said.

"At all schools around the state we expect they will spend at least 50 per cent of their time on literacy and numeracy so when a school is spending 43 per cent of its time on religious instruction it is not meeting that requirement.

"I have taken strong action, the strongest action really available to me, and that is to close that school."

Mr McGowan said staff at the school had reported the problems to the department, which began its investigation in December last year.

"I am not aware of any complaints from parents but there have been complaints from staff at the school about the use of money and the payment of staff and so forth," he said.

"The report showed that some of the teachers have a limited authority to teach, and they are receiving no professional development. Many of the teachers are unregistered and there was no indication that they were going to become registered. When you add all these things up, there is layer upon layer of failure at that school."

Enrolments at the school, which has a twin college for boys next door, have dropped significantly over the past year.

At the beginning of 2007, about 90 students were enrolled but only 50 students remained at the college last week.

Mr McGowan said the department would be working with families to find places at other schools for those students.

"I suppose it is good that it has happened at the end of the school year. It means that those students will now be able to go to other schools with a minimum of disruption," he said.

Muslim Ladies College is independent of the Australian Islamic Colleges, which were raided early this year in relation to allegations of fraud involving state and federal government student subsidised funding programs.

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