Daily Mail, December 9, 2007

First picture of British-linked Bin Laden son with his 'gentle and kind' father

He admits he went through terror training with the Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan


Shown together for the first time, this is Osama Bin Laden and the son who rejected his terror creed and went on to marry an English parish councillor.

Omar Bin Laden, now 26, was just 15 when he was pictured with the father he describes as gentle and kind, with a love of football and a great sense of humour.

Omer bin Laden - Yesterday
Omer Bin Laden, then 15, pictured with his father Osama in Afghanistan in 1996

Omer bin Laden - Today
Omar with Jane Felix-Browne

He admits he went through terror training with the Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, but insists he left more than a year before the September 11 attacks in 2001.

He says he has not seen his father since and does not know where he is.

Omar, who married Cheshire grandmother Jane Felix-Browne, 52, in September last year, spoke at length about his father in his first major interview.

He also said he hopes to live in England again and discuss peace in Iraq with Gordon Brown.

Omar said his reported divorce from Miss Felix-Browne was staged because they received death threats and they now want to have a child together.

Medical problems mean they are looking for a surrogate mother - or a fourth wife for Omar - prepared to "have a Bin Laden baby".

Omar, one of a dozen half-brothers, went on: "My father may be the world's most wanted man, but I'm no threat to anyone.

"I want to become a peace ambassador in Britain because I truly believe I'm the one person my father will listen to.

"I'd like to meet Mr Brown to try to help stop this war."

Omar said he left Afghanistan because he did not want to fight anyone. "My father was fine about it," he said. "He just told me 'God go with you'."

He insisted his father liked Britain and its people, despite the bloody July 2005 terror attacks in London.

Omar said: "He lived in London as a student and I'm sure he'd stop the war if the Americans and British pulled their troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

"That's why I want to meet your Prime Minister, to give him some insight into my father and the way he thinks.

"If he were given cast-iron guarantees on his safety, I hope he'd be at the forefront of the negotiations. I feel he is sick of the war and wants it to stop."

Turning to the subject of Miss Felix-Browne, Omar said: "We're going to have an English wedding with her family in Cheshire and I want to spend the rest of my life with her in England."

Miss Felix-Browne, who has been married six times, is also interviewed for a BBC1 documentary to be shown this week.

The couple are seen strolling hand in hand near their home in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheik. Miss Felix-Browne said they hope to live in her £550,000 house in Moulton, Cheshire.

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