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Xinhua, November 3, 2007

Two Afghans found beheaded in central Afghanistan

This year has witnessed a sharp increase of violence in Afghanistan

KABUL - Beheaded bodies of two Afghans, who were abducted by suspected militants days ago, have been found in Rashidan district of central Afghanistan's Ghazni province, the provincial police chief said Saturday.

"A man and a woman were abducted by suspected militants about three days ago in Rashidan district and their bodies were found Friday afternoon in the area," Alishah Ahmadzai, police chief of Ghazni province, told Xinhua via telephone. "They were beheaded."

No one or group claimed responsibility for the killings yet.

It might be Taliban militants who have committed the crime, Ahmadzai said, adding that around 20 local tribal elders with suspected connection with foreign troops have been killed by the Taliban over the past three months in the province.

The Taliban has yet to make any comment upon this incident.

This year has witnessed a sharp increase of violence in Afghanistan and various violent incidents and conflicts have left over 5,400 people dead in the war-torn country since January.

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