Pajhwok Afghan News, October 10, 2007

15 were executed, but convicted abductor of Italian aid worker escapes

High ranking officials are responsible for escape of convicted Timor

By Makia Monir (translated by RAWA)

Some members of the Afghanistan parliament say that high ranking officials have prepared the opportunity for escape of Timor who was among criminals supposed to be executed in Pul-Charkhi prison in Kabul along with 15 others.

Clementina Cantoni was abducted on May 16, 2005.

On Oct.7 the government announced that 15 people accused of different crimes, were executed, but the name of Timor was not present in the list.

Timor abducted Clementina Cantoni, an Italian worker of aid organization called CARE International and also was convicted for armed lootings.

An official of the Pul-e-Charkhi prison told that Timor was taken out of the prison in order to be executed but later he disappeared.

Mohammad Baqar Shekhzada a member of the parliament told Pajhwok that some powerful hands in the government are engaged in escape of Timor.

Mr. Bashardost, member of the parliament, believes that some high level officials must be given bribe for release of Timor.

He says: "We witness that even in face of death, there is no justice in this country, and a person sentenced to death is released in the last minutes!"

Babrak Shenwari, an MP says: "In my view, he has been taken out of the prison by police but has not taken to exaction ground."

Now it is crystal clear that the bloodthirsty gangs of Faheem-Qanoni-Abdullah have kidnapped Clementina, an Italian aid worker with the Pamlarane (CARE) organization, hoping to gain both money and the freedom of their imprisoned members.
From RAWA statement ( ), June 10, 2005

He added: "the government must take notice of such actions and be shocked. Unfortunately our government is weak and has no authority even inside the Pul-e-Charkhi prison."

Shenwari says, people engaged in escape of Timor may have done so in exchange of money or by those who are from the same gang.

Humayoun Zada, spokesperson of President Office also confirmed that Timor escaped and the investigations are under way.

After abducting an Italian worker of CARE, in 1995 he was arrested by police in Salang highway, but after Afghan national army middling in the issue, he run away at that time. But later after two months he was arrested in Kabul.

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