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Corruption in Afghanistan Ariana Airlines

Most of the people, who are involved in corruption in Ariana Airlines, have escaped from Afghanistan

Jawad Sameemi in Kabul

The new director of Ariana Airlines says that during last five years more than 60 million US Dollars has been embezzled in this company.

Zabiullah Ismatee says due to "inappropriate deals" in this company, Ariana has lost other tens of millions of US Dollars.

Mr. Ismatee, who has recently taken the post of director of Ariana Airlines, in a conference with journalists in Kabul, stated that due to these corruptions currently Ariana Airlines is facing critical crises.

Izzatullah Wasifi, Afghanistan's anti-corruption chief had a criminal records in the US and was arrested at Caesars Palace on July 15, 1987, for selling 650 grams (23 ounces) of heroin. Prosecutors said the drugs were worth $2 million on the street. Wasifi served three years and eight months in prison.
The Associated Press, Mar.8, 2007

Besides this, Mr. Ismatee said that "mismanagement, organizational inflation, lack of service motivation and oldness of airplanes" are another factors for current crises in Ariana Airlines but emphasized that for overcoming these problems, he needs the support of parliament and government of Afghanistan.

Mr. Ismatee also said that most of the people, who are involved in corruption in Ariana Airlines, have escaped from Afghanistan, but added that a number of them are still in Afghanistan and have been introduced to attorney office of the country.

The new director of Ariana Airlines said that he has sent the plan of buying a number of new airplanes to government of Afghanistan and is waiting to be accepted by the president.

Mr. Ismatee emphasized that the purchase of these airplanes, Ariana will come out from the black list European countries.

About one year back, because of technical and operational problems, having weak management and old airplanes, Ariana Airlines was black listed and according to it, Ariana lost the right to fly to European countries and then Arabic.

But until now, authorities of Ariana haven't showed objection against the statements of Mr. Ismatee.

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