Pajhwok Afghan News, January 22, 2007

Teenage bride commits self-immolation in Badakhshan

By the same token, an 18-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping into the river

Jafar Tayar

FAIZABAD: Tired of the complex in-laws family hazards, a 16-year-old newly wedded woman has committed self-immolation in the northeastern Badakhshan province, officials said.

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The teenage bride, hailing from Yaftal district of the province, committed suicide by pouring petrol on her body. Nadia, an officer at the Women Affairs Department, told Pajhwok Afghan News she had interviewed the victim at hospital. She quoted the bride as saying: "I was thrashed and insulted by my in-laws regularly."

Nadia said Fauzia was fed up of life and chose to commit suicide. Dr Hamayun Frotan, a doctor at the Public Health Department, said they received Fauzia with critical burn injuries.

Fauzia succumbed to her injuries some two days back, after 14 days of her committing self-immolation. Corpse of the teenage bride was shifted to Badakhshan on Sunday. However, Sharifullah, husband of the late Fauzia, said: "My wife was burnt when she was trying to light lantern."

Col Fazil Ahmad Nazari, crime branch chief at the provincial police headquarters, said they had begun investigations into the incident. He said they would arrest if anybody found involved in killing of the teenage bride.

Zofinon Natiq, head of the Women Affairs Department, also confirmed the young lady had committed self-immolation due to family problems and violence. She said it was first case of self-immolation in the province.

She said a 30-year-old woman, mother of three, also committed suicide some few months back by eating poisons as she was fed up by her relatives violence. By the same token, an 18-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping into the river.

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