Pajhwok Afghan News, January 8, 2007

Dostum accused for insecurity in Jawzjan, Faryab

"Gen Dostum had recently distributed 2,000 guns in the northern provinces to his supporters in Jozjan and Faryab provinces to prepare them for another clash."

Ahmad Naeem Qaderi

MAZAR-I-SHARIF: Rivals have accused General Abdul Rashid Dostum for causing insecurity and distributing weapons amongst his followers in Jawzjan and Faryab provinces.

However, officials of the Junbish-i-Mili have denied the accusations by saying this was a hatched conspiracy of the neighbouring country particularly Pakistan against Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Mohammad Akbar Bai, head of the Turkmen Tribal Council of Afghanistan, in an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News said Gen Dostum had recently distributed 2,000 guns in the northern provinces to his supporters in Jozjan and Faryab provinces to prepare them for another clash.

He claimed Dostum had deployed 500 soldiers in front of his guest house which was illegal. Bai said: "Gen Dostum misused his power in northern provinces and destroyed Uzbek and ethnic Turkmen."

He accused Junbish former leader for killing Uzbek and Turkmen leaders. Bai demanded Dostum should be brought to justice. A day later hundreds of Junbish supporters demonstrated in Sheberghan against the council and destroyed its office and some of its vehicles.

The marchers were chanting slogans in support of Dostum and demanded Akbar Bai should apologize for his allegations. According to sources, Bai was a staunch supporter of Gen Dostum and even favoured him in election campaign.

Gen Malik, the president of Liberty party and a rival of Gen Dostum, said people always opposed Dostum but he used various means such as democracy and constitution to seek his fortune.

He told Pajhwok Afghan News opposition of Turkmen council was not for national but personal interest, as according the constitution every one has the right to establish a party, council and association which protects national unity and integrity of the country.

Gen Malik said: As peace is restoring to the country and the process of disarmament improves Gen Dostum loses his value in the nation

Denying the accusations against Gen Dostum an official Mohammad Hamyoon Khiri said Gen Dostum had no weapons and militia. Considering the claims as conspiracy against Dostum, he said: Junbish is only a political party, not military!

Kinjee Kaargar, an official of Junbish considered foreign hand particularly Pakistan in such conspiracies. He said Akbar Bai could never represent Uzbek and Turkmen tribes. He said: We will never let any one accusing us with such baseless accusations

Analysts have showed concern over the situation and considered such points may cause cracks in Junbish leaders.

Abdullah Farooq, a political analyst in the northern provinces said: We have seen several such conflicts between opposition leaders. And they split when they do not see interest in being together

Najibullah, a resident of Sheberghan said: We are not affiliated to Dostam or Akbar Bai or Malik, we want peace in our country, but they destroy our lives for their personal objectives

Mohammad Noman, 25, a vendor in the city showed concern over the situation and said: Akbar Bai office was burnt down, tomorrow he may do similar act and can create law and order situation. We ask the government to punish those who are criminals

Interior Minister Zerar Ahmad Muqbil asked justice ministry to dissolve Junbish and Liberty parties due to their clashes in Faryab provinces last summer.

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