Pajhwok Afghan News, November 15, 2006

A commander of National Army beats teachers and students

Commander of National Army Unit took the gun and fired, causing the injury of Abdul Ghafoor, school headmaster, and a student

Herat: A commander of the National Army Unit of Shindand Airport in Herat Province injured a headmaster and student of high school and beat more than 20 teachers.

Naeem Karimi, district chief of Shindand told to PAN that this incident took place in Boys High School of Abu Baker Saddique in Shindand district, when Rahimullah, commander of the National Army Unit, wanted to enter his sons in the exams by force without having educational documents.

More than half of Afghanistan's children are not going to school because of a shortage of places and teachers, the aid agency Oxfam says.
The report entitled "Free, Quality Education for Every Afghan Child", said that 7 million Afghan children were currently out of school while 5 million children attend school. Girls in particular are losing out, with just one in five girls in primary education and one in 20 going to secondary school.
BBC News, November 27, 2006

Karimi added that when authorities of school asked for documents and a letter from Educational Directorate of District, introducing the boys to school, he started the dispute with them.

He said: "In this dispute, Commander of National Army Unit took the gun and fired, causing the injury of Abdul Ghafoor, school headmaster, and a student."

According to him, then the commander beat more than 20 other teachers of the school, and students got scared creating disturbance in the exam hall.

District Chief adds that after we come to know about the incident, he sent a commissioner to the area. The commander was arrested and was handed over to magistrate of Zafar Army Unit No. 207.

He says that injures were moved to ISAF forces hospital in Shindand Airport and their situation is fine.

Mohammad Rahim Bimar, Director of Teachers Union in Shindand District, besides denouncing this action, told to PAN that the commander has used dirty and insulting word to the headmaster of school without respecting school and teachers.

He added that school is an educational place and this action of commander caused the students to leave the school farsightedly and left the exam.

Rahim Bimar accounted this action against law and asked for the rigid following of the incident.

It worth mentioning that last year National Army forces had entered a high school in Kabul and beaten a number of students.

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